Heroic Actions As Torryburn Hit By 100 Year Flood


To All Torryburn Stud Clients and Friends
Today the lower hunter valley and Paterson valley experienced the worst flooding in recorded history, a period of over 100 years.
Our farm was hammered by waves of severe storms described by weather forecasters as a cyclone two event in its intensity.
At nearby Dungog there has been tragic loss of life, homes destroyed and mass evacuations. At Torryburn we have had around 300 ml of rain in the past 24 hours including over 80 ml in one hour this morning.
The normally placid creek running through Torryburn is a raging river whilst the beautiful Allyn River to which we have a substantial frontage, has risen by over 20 meters and wiped out a massive bridge which is the only access to ours and our neighbours' farms.
The future for the next few days doesn't look great, with no access, no power, no phones and so on, and it's still raining with high winds and very heavy rain predicted tonight.
However on a positive note the truly heroic efforts of Stewart, Rob and Alaina and Jess has resulted in no loss of stock, and their efforts to launch a small tinny to cross over the flooded creek to a heavily inundated part of the farm, was amazing.
They hand walked 50 or so horses to safe ground through difficult paddocks inundated with water, where all fencing was washed away and roadways had  became mini rivers. 

Thank you all.
So for the next few days please excuse us if we are a bit slow in getting back to you as  my senior execs including Reggie, Caroline and Mel are either experiencing storm damage on their own properties and / or can't even get to Torryburn.
I know that you will be patient and we will keep you informed as best we can under the circumstances.


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